How do I backup?

The only irreplaceable file on the box is your CCcam.cfg file, before making any changes to the box you really should make sure you have a backup! You shouldn't need it but it's not uncommon for these boxes to brick.

To backup, go to "dump by usb", change the mode from "image" to "misc" and then select the CCcam.cfg file. Make sure to transfer the file somewhere safe so you don't lose it. If you want to backup your whole image then just leave the mode on "image" and backup.

How do I install the list?

Download the latest TP_PROG.dbs file from the front page and transfer it to a usb stick.

Put your USB stick in the receiver & then in the menu find "Upgrade by USB", change the mode from "image" to "misc" and then select the TP_PROG.dbs file. Upgrade and reboot once it's finished.

You can press "info" on your remote if you want to check if the update went "OK".

Will updating the channel list effect server settings etc?

Not if it everything goes as it should. Your channel list should be the only thing that's affected but it's always wise to backup just in case, as problems can and do happen. This is for channel lists only, firmware updates (.abs files) can erase everything on certain models.

Why aren't the channels in the same order as my Sky box?

I put the channels in the order that I feel is the most efficient & simplest to use. There are plenty of Sky ordered lists if that's what you prefer, or you can of course have a go at making your own list with DBS Editor.

Why are my favourites not named correctly?

Channel list updates will not automatically change the name your favourites, to put them in the correct order you can do a "factory reset" in the menu, make sure to "keep all data" if prompted. You will only need to do this the first time you use my list or every time you move to a list that has the favourites ordered differently. Please have a backup of your CCcam.cfg file just in case.

"File not found" or "File mismatch".

The file is most likely not named correctly. Open up your USB stick and check that the TP_PROG.dbs file is named exactly that. If you've downloaded the file more than once then the computer will automatically rename the files in order to differentiate between them, usually something like "TP_PROG(1).dbs", these files and any with even one character wrong will not work.

You might also get these errors if your computer isn't set to show file extensions and you've renamed the file to add the missing .dbs, you might have renamed it to TP_PROG.dbs.dbs without knowing, try just TP_PROG

Does this list have 'X' channel?

The list should have every channel including all Radio, Box Office & Red Button services. Duplicate channels have been removed.

How can I make my own list?

Firstly you'll need a channel editor, PVR800 editor is the simplest option, here's the .DBS version.

Then you'll need a list to edit, either mine/someone else's which would be the best option or you could do a fresh scan yourself & edit the backup up file.

The satellite info you need to edit lists is at KingOfSat. It looks complicated but it's pretty self explanatory, check out other specific threads on the subject or ask questions in this one if you have any issues.

How do I edit the order of the favourites?

The only simple way would be to use SetEditHD100, the program isn't free but It'll let you make 25 changes before it stops working.

Which boxes are compatible with this list?

All openbox/skybox/libertivew models. The X5/F6 models use a different file type so you'll have to download my separate X5/F6 list if you have one of those.

The box says "LOAD" on the front.

Unfortunately your box is likely "bricked", you can recover it with an rs232 cable and a computer. Just search google for "Skybox rs232 recovery" for guides, and feel free to email me if you need a hand.

Only receiving radio channels.

Try pressing the TV/Radio button on your remote to switch between TV and Radio.

Do I need to install every update in order?

No, you can skip updates and even go backwards.

Only getting audio on some channels.

You might need to update your firmware, I use skybox.cc.

EPG download not working?

You might not have enough space on your usb stick. If that's not the problem, updating your firmware will likely fix the issue. There was a known bug.

If you have any other questions or issues, feel free to email me.